If it does not exist let us create it.
Welcome to the world of imagination and manufacturing, state-of-the-art founded on traditions,

“involved in imagining and creating.”

The department of engineering is involved in materializing state-of-the-art manufacturing that supports humans and their daily living, thereby contributing to society. From the basics to the applications, through practical training, and involving faculty members active in frontline work, research is conducted in cross-disciplinary fields centered on specializations in architecture, industrial chemical engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering, and mechanical engineering.

The students learn in the Katsushika campus which has parks and a very open atmosphere, and in the city-center campus set in historic Kagurazaka with its alleys. The number of students in each specialization in each academic year is about 100, and the students lead a campus life where they come to know each other face to face.

The university continues to reform the curriculum and research strategies based not only on its traditional merit system but also in accordance with social needs and changes. It has a long tradition spanning more than 55 years, and has always been engaged in developing people who as society members get actively involved in frontline work.