14th Japanese-European Symposium on Composite Materials is jointly organized by The Japan Society for Composite Materials (JSCM) and European Society for Composite Materials (ESCM).


09/07, 2015
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08/29, 2015
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06/30, 2015
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04/01, 2015
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The main theme of this symposium will be

"Thermoplastic composites manufacturing and applications"

The following topics will be treated

- Adhesive bonding of metals and composites
- Adhesive bonding of polymers and composites
- Riveting, screwing, bolting of composites with polymers or metals
- Hybrid bonding including composites
- Welding of polymers, composites and metals
- Overmolding of polymers on composites or metal structures

For each topic the following sub-topics will be analyzed 

  • - Non destructive inspection techniques for assemblies including composites
  • - Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
  • - Experimental Methods
  • - Experimental analysis of bonded joints at a laboratory scale
  • - Advanced Numerical Techniques
  • - Modelling and Characterization
  • - Multi-scale analysis and modelling of bonded joints
  • - Finite element for numerical analysis of interface in assemblies
  • - Conception and design of composite structures including assemblies
  • - From micromechanics scale approach to design control
  • - Optimization techniques and methods with material uncertainties
  • - Probabilistic modelling and reliability of assembly zones
  • - Failure criteria for adhesive joints and hybrid assemblies
  • - Design and application of composite structures
  • - Durability, long term behaviour, fatigue
  • - Damage mechanisms, delamination and fracture in assemblies
  • - Damage tolerance concept and analysis


Preliminary program pdf (updated on Sep. 7, 2015)


September 16 (WED)

Facility Tour: Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture
Tour Flyer (pdf)

September 17 (THU)


Tour of Innovative Composite Center (ICC)

Welcome reception @ICC

September 18 (FRI)


Keynote lecture
Banquet @Kanazawa Miyako Hotel

Keynote Speakers

Plenary Lectures:

Jacques Renard (Mines Paris Tech), "Assembly of thermoplastic composites by laser welding"

Masahiro Arai (Nagoya University), "Mode I fatigue crack propagation of CFRP laminates toughened with CNF interlayer"

Keynote Lectures:

A. Torres Marques (University of Porto), "Thermoplastic composites: from raw materials and semi-products to final parts through modelling"

Tsutomu Murakami (IHI Corporation), "Development of composite fan structural guide vane for turbo fan engine"

Ignaas Verpoest (KU Leuven), "Research on thermoplastic matrix composites at KU Leuven: innovative modelling and out-of-the-box thinking applied to short fibre, woven tape and honeycomb sandwich thermoplastic composites"

Yuichiro Aoki (JAXA), "Composite optimization in the wing design for JAXA’s EcoWing research project"