Singularity Theory Seminar of the year 2004-2005

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Address: Tokyo Metropolitan University, Department of Mathematics

Subject: Singularity theory, geometry and related topics.

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Regularly talks are held on Monday at 3:30 PM in Room 610, the big seminar room, unless otherwise noted. Who wishes to present recent work at our seminar, please don't hesitate to contact M.Oka. Or if you like to receive the information weekly put your name and email address on this list!
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Date Speaker and Title

Wednesday, 21
Dr. Pho Duc Tai, Hakkaido Univ.
Dual of smooth curves

Mon, 26
Mutsuo OKA, TMU
Fermat curves and maximal rational curves


Date Speaker and Title

Mon, 10
広中 平祐 (H. Hironaka), 数理科学振興会
Plane curve singularity from higher dimensional view (春の大談話会共催)

Mon, 17
16:20-17:40 (いつもと時間が違います)
赤穂 まなぶ(M. Akaho), 都立大
Morse homology for manifolds with boundary

Mon, 24
Do Duc Thai, Hanoi University of Education
Unicity problem with truncated multiplicities of meromorphic mappings in several complex variables

Mon, 31
寺尾 宏明(H. Terao), 都立大
Ranking Patterns and Arrangements


Date Speaker and Title

Mon, 28
小林 正典(M. Kobayashi), 都立大