Last update: 19, February, 2021

At the suggestion of Professor Masaharu Morimoto, we organize the online conference for
the celebration for the retirement and the 70th birthday of

Professor Krzysztof M. Pawałowski

at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

The aim of this conference is
to present recent achievements in transformation group theory and related topics, and
to discuss perspectives of further researches.

@ We strongly recommend to participate in the conference "kpa70",
which is also a celebration conference for Professor Pawałowski.

@@ Dates : From 17 February 2021 to 19 February 2021.
@@ Venue : Tokyo University of Science. (Online via Zoom.)
@@ Registration : In order to register for the conference please e-mail Takao Satoh: takao[-at-] (Please replace [-at-] for @.)

Invited speakers (appearing in alphabetical ordar)

@Marek Kaluba
@Yasuhiko Kitada
@Shintaro Kuroki
@Zhi Lu
@Mikiya Masuda
@Masaharu Morimoto
@Ikumitsu Nagasaki
@Krzysztof M. Pawałowski
@DongYoup Suh
@Toshio Sumi
@Shigeru Takamura
@Min Yan

Photos and Slides of talks

See this page. (For participants only, in preparation.)


Time (Warsaw / Hong Kong / SeoulETokyo)

(PDF(program), PDF(abstracts) )

@@@February 17 (Wed.)

9:00`9:30 / 16:00`16:30 / 17:00`17:30 Takao SatohiTokyo University of Sciencej
On twisted unstable cohomologies of automorphism groups of free groups
9:40`10:10 / 16:40`17:10 / 17:40`18:10 Marek KalubaiAdam Mickiewicz Universityj
Groups graded by root systems and property (T)
10:20`10:50 / 17:20`17:50 / 18:20`18:50 Toshio SumiiKyusyu Universityj
Progress toward the Laitinen Conjecture
11:00`11:30 / 18:00`18:30 / 19:00`19:30 Min YaniHong Kong University of Science and Technologyj
Pseudo-Equivalence Extension
(Joint work with Sylvain Cappell and Shmuel Weinberger)

@@@February 18 (Thr.)

9:00`9:30 / 16:00`16:30 / 17:00`17:30 Mikiya MasudaiOsaka City Universityj
Unique toric structures on Fano Bott manifolds
9:40`10:10 / 16:40`17:10 / 17:40`18:10 Ikumitsu NagasakiiKyoto Prefectural University of Medicinej
Estimates of the isovariant Borsuk-Ulam constants for SU(2) and SU(3)
10:20`10:50 / 17:20`17:50 / 18:20`18:50 Zhi LuiFudan Universityj
Topology and geometry of flagness and beltness of simple orbifolds
11:00`11:30 / 18:00`18:30 / 19:00`19:30 Shintaro KurokiiOkayama University of Sciencej
Equivariant vector bundle over a GKM graph and its projectivization
11:40`12:10 / 18:40`19:10 / 19:40`20:10 Dong Youp SuhiKorea Advanced Institute for Science and Technologyj
On cohomological rigidity problem in toric topology

@@@February 19 (Fri.)

8:20`8:50 / 15:20`15:50 / 16:20`16:50 Shigeru TakamuraiKyoto Universityj
How to geometrize life histories of groups and group actions?
9:00`9:30 / 16:00`16:30 / 17:00`17:30 Yasuhiko KitadaiYokohama National Universityj
Strolling along the byways of Mathematics
9:45`10:45 / 16:45`17:45 / 17:45`18:45 Masaharu MorimotoiOkayama Universityj
One-fixed-point 3-pseudofree effective actions on spheres
11:00`12:00 / 18:00`19:00 / 19:00`20:00 Krzysztof M. PawałowskiiAdam Mickiewicz Universityj
Solving problems in the Transformation Group Theory

OrganizersF Satoh, Takao (Tokyo University of Science)
e-mail: takao[-at-]

Shintaro, Kuroki (Okayama University of Science)
e-mail: kuroki[-at-]