The proceedings of the conference NACA2017 will be published by Yokohama Publishers. All the participants who had a talk in the conference are invited to submit a paper for the proceedings.
It should include the following information.

  • Title,
  • Author name(s),
  • Author affiliation(s),
  • Postal address,
  • Email address,
  • Keywords and phrases,
  • Mathematics Subject Classification Codes.

The text should be written in English on A4 size sheet. We recommend a submission of an electronic version whenever it is available; preferably in LaTeX format with amsart document class.

All the papers submitted to the proceedings are also fully refereed. The organizing committee is looking forward to your submissions.

All the manuscripts submitted to the proceedings should be formatted in PDF style and sent to the following two correspondents:

  • Mitsuhiro Hoshino hoshino(at)
  • Mayumi Hojo mayumi-h(at)
  • Please replace the symbol of (at) with the symbol of @.

All the manuscripts should reach these correspondents by the 30th of November in 2017. The local organizing committee asks all the potential authors not to miss the deadline for submission.

Please use this format, when you compose your manuscript in TeX style.