In this world, an interface and surface exists everywhere. Interface is the critical surface when one phase meets another phase. It even exists between same phases. Also, interface exists in living animals. For example, interface exists between cells. For example, interface exists even cells in tissue.


When the surfacemechanism is controlled, materials regenerate to new materials ever seen. In this laboratory, we make various phenomena clear by using physical chemica,colloidal and surface chemical techniques. Moreover,we search fou new field that we can apply our technique to.

Surfactants are used in cleaning, cosmetics, medicines and foods. In this laboratory, we are analyzing molecular assemblies (Micelles, Emulsions,Liposomes,and Vesicles),which are made of surfactants. Also, we are searching for new techniques that we can apply our techniques to the fields of environmental resourcesand nano-materials.



Keynote lecture:I delivered a keynote lecture on The Experience of Japan in innovation and Commercialization of Research Product at

                         2015 EXHIBITION AND WORKSHOP SATREPS COLLABORATION RESEARCH PROGRAM which held at Millennium

                         Hotel in Jakarta on August 24th, 2015.

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