Modular functions and Quadratic forms
-- Number theoretic delights

December 21 (Sat) -- December 23 (Mon), 2013
Osaka University Nakanoshima Center, Room 507 Access Map
Program Program in pdf and Abstracts
December 21 (Sat)
10:00 〜 11:00 Masanobu Kaneko (Kyushu University)
On the elliptic modular function j(tau)
11:15 〜 12:15 Ken Ono (Emory University)
Special numbers and special functions (Part 1)
14:00 〜 15:00 Kenichi Bannai (Keio University)
On the p-adic analogue of Eisenstein-Kronecker series
15:30 〜 16:30 Fumiya Amano (Kyushu University)
Arithmetic Milnor invariants and modular forms

December 22 (Sun)
10:00 〜 11:00 Takeshi Ogasawara (Oyama College of Technology)
On Hecke modules generated by eta-quotients of weight one
11:15 〜 12:15 Ken Ono (Emory University)
Special numbers and special functions (Part 2)
14:00 〜 15:00 Fumihiro Sato (Rikkyo University)
Zeta functions of quadratic mappings
15:30 〜 16:30 Takashi Ono (The Johns Hopkins University)
Quest for "Golden Numbers"
17:30 〜 19:30 Banquet

December 23 (Mon)
10:00 〜 11:00 Kazuhiro Hikami (Kyushu University)
Quantum modular form and quantum invariant
11:15 〜 12:15 Kiichiro Hashimoto (Waseda University)
Missing link between vanishing of quaternion theta series and nonvanishing cycles on modular curves
14:00 〜 15:00 Nobushige Kurokawa (Tokyou Institute of Technology)
Multiple sine functions and Eisenstein series
15:30 〜 16:30 Eiichi Bannai (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
"Gauss sums and Legendre polynomials" in algebraic combinatorics

We will have a banquet on December 22 (Sun) from 17:30 at "Solon de l'amical" in Nakanoshima Center.
The fee will be about 6500 yen.
Please contact Masanari Kida (kida (at) or Takao Watanabe (twatanabe (at) until Nov. 30 if you like to participate.
(Please change ' (at) ' to @ in the above address.)

Organizers (alphabetical order)
Masanari Kida (Tokyo University of Science)
Masanori Morishita (Kyushu University)
Hiroaki Nakamura (Osaka University)
Ken Ono (Emory University)
Takao Watanabe (Osaka University)

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This conference is partly supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 21340009. Project leader: Hiroaki Nakamura.
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