Thermofluidic behavior under controlled properties in micro/nanoscale

We investigate transport phenomena in microscopic environments under controlled thermophysical and electric properties including thieir gradients induced by external field (light or electric field).

Related Projects
  • Noncontact manipulation of bubble/droplet using light
  • Surface reaction enhancment based on electric property gradient
  • Development of novel mass transport technology using light and electric field
  • Particle sorting by optical radiation pressure

Development of microdevice with high functionallity

We are working on the development of miniaturised fluidic device that can control or analyse ultrarare samples aiming for Point-of-Care (POC) diagnosis , biomedical analysis, and in-situ environmental analysis.

Related Projects
  • Concentration of micro/nanoparticles
  • Development of microdevice for individual nanoparticle detection
  • Separation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood for ultraearly cancer detection
  • Development of flow cytometer chip

Thermofluidic sensing for clinical and biomedical applications

We pursue possibility of an approach based on thermal/fluid sensing to elucidate the mechanism of desease, to evaluate an effect of medical device, and to establish a guideline for medical diagnosis.

Related Projects
  • 3D hemodynamic analysis of cerebral aneurysm models
  • Evaluation of flow diverter stent procedures for cerebrovascular aneurysm
  • Measurement of rolling behaviors of leucocyte on vascular endothelium to elucidate an initial stage of arteriosclerosis
  • Measurement of intra/transcellular temperature for a novel hyperthermia using nanomaterials

Development of optical sensing method for thermofluidics

We are working on the development of leading-edge sensing techniques as experimental tools to quantitate various transport phenomenad.

Related Projects
  • Automated measurement for 3D velocity field based on scanning stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (PIV)
  • Microfluidic temperature imaging
  • Single view 3D velocity measurement in microscopic domain
  • Measurement of translational and rotational behaviors of small particles and cells

Actuators for flow control

We investigates control schemes of separated and jet flows under low Reynolds number of the order of 102 to 103 using state-of-the-art actuators.

Related Projects
  • Spatiotemporal characterization of burst-wave-induced discharge plasma actuators (BWPA)
  • Control of separated flow in low Re numbers

Previous projects

  • On-demand liquid manipulation by photothermal effect
  • Flow and heat transfer control using novel passive/active combined devices
  • Temperature measurement using fluorescent lifetime