Message from the Project Leader

New Area of Scientific Study (Research Area Proposal) Biological Systems

Toshinori Kinoshita
Title of Research Project:
Integrative system of autonomous environmental signal recognition and memorization for plant plasticity
Toshinori Kinoshita, Ph.D
Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) & Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University

This new area of scientific study began with the goal of performing an integrated analysis of the dynamic environmental response control system in plants. This analysis includes clarifying the flexible and ingenious local and autonomous environmental response system evolved by immobile plants, which is completely different from those of animals, as well as a new spatiotemporal perspective. Specifically, we seek to analyze the long-distance signal transduction system of plants, as well as the environmental memory system that caches information via chromatin modifications.

Previously, there have been few initiatives aimed at integrated study of environmental response control systems. Our study is aimed at developing research on environmental responses, and creating a cutting-edge field to elucidate new and lasting concepts.

Furthermore, we are actively cooperating with international research groups. By designating the research institutes involved in this study as international joint research centers, and establishing a close international research structure, we hope to serve as a model for a new wave of research in this field.

In order to meet this ambitious objective ? which is possible because this is a new area of scientific study ? our group will be led by eight core researchers with a variety of accomplishments in the field of plant biology, supported by members of public research programs as well as research support divisions. Please help support us in this cause.