Achievements(Media coverage)


MI accelerates material development
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
BS Fuji "Galileo X"  12/4/2020
Chuo University announces publication of a paper on current-driven tricritical points in Physical Review Letters
S. Nakamura (A04)
Nihon Keizai Shimbun  04/06/2020
Person zoom up Toyama
R. Tamura (A01)
Kita Nihon Shimbun  05/11/2020
Independent power supply for sensor drive Realized with general-purpose elements
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun  02/12/2020
Thermoelectric conversion, two new materials
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
The Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun  15/12/2020
Featured papers in the November 2020 issue of JPSJ: Extension of Thouless pump in cold atom systems to two dimensions and Diophantine equations
M. Tezuka (A04)
Butsuri  05/01/2021
Featured papers in the November 2020 issue of JPSJ: Extension of Thouless pump in cold atom systems to two dimensions and Diophantine equations
M. Tezuka (A04)
Website of the Physical Society of Japan  November/2020
Explore the mystery of a mysterious object has fallen from the sky
Y.Matsushita (A02)
ABC "Detective! Knight scoop"  29/01/2021
Succeeded in developing a calculation method that can theoretically predict complex magnetic structures with high accuracy and efficiency, such as the University of Tokyo, RIKEN, and Tohoku University.
M.-T. Suzuki (A04)
Nihon Keizai Shimbun  18/2/2021
A difference of one hundred billionth of a meter dramatically changes the properties of matter!
-Discover new functions of regular icosahedron cluster-

K. Imura (A04)
Japanese  21/10/2020
The mysterious nature of quasicrystals fascinated by beautiful mathematical models
K. Imura (A04)
academist Journal  10/02/2021


Major events in the chemical and related industries in the second half of 2019 Small-scale thermoelectric power generation module with general-purpose elements 1 / 5th cost IoT sensor
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
The Chemical Daily  27/12/2019
Thermoelectric power generation materials that generate electricity by using a slight temperature difference in the environment
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
TBS "Origin of the Future"  27/10/2019
There's more! Promising Science & Venture (Ryo Yoshida Laboratory, Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
R. Yoshida (A03)
Weekly Diamond Vol. 107, No. 41  26/10/2019
"Small temperature difference power generation" that produces electricity with the warmth of the palm is a strong ally of the sensor
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
DG LAB HAUS  3/10/2019
Realized IoT battery-free technology
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
Nikkei Electronics  1/10/2019
Developed a thermoelectric power generation module that is both economical and environmentally friendly
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
New Enegy News  19/9/2019
Generator that does not waste body temperature
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
TV Tokyo "the Trend Egg corner" of World Business Satellite  9/9/2019
Expected for independent power sources such as IoT devices Thermoelectric power generation module with general-purpose elements
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
The Science News  30/8/2019
Temperature difference power generation with common materials
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
What is the world's first "temperature difference power generation" that realizes low cost of less than 1/5?
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
Yahoo! News  25/8/2019
Modules that generate thermoelectric power with common elements and slight temperature differences
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
EE Times Japan  23/8/2019
Power generation with a slight temperature difference-no rare elements included
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
NIKKEI  22/8/2019
Developed "thermoelectric generator" device-composed of readily available alloy
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
Thermoelectric power generation module-Developed only with general-purpose elements such as iron and aluminum
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
Japan Metal Daily  22/8/2019
Aluminium-Iron-Silicon thermoelectric material Succeeded in the world's first power generation module
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
Small thermoelectric power generation module, low cost with general-purpose elements
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
The Chemical Daily  22/8/2019
Developed the world's first thermoelectric power generation module with NEDO, Aisin Seiki, etc ... Power generation by body temperature is also possible
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
Response 20th  22/8/2019
What's amazing?"Thermoelectric power generation" module developed by NEDO , Aisin Seiki, etc.
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
NEWSWITCH  22/8/2019
Thermoelectric power generation with common elements, IoT devices move even with a temperature difference of 5 ° C
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
MONOist  22/8/2019
Developed thermoelectric power generation module consisting only of general-purpose elements-Significantly reduced material costs, does not contain rare or toxic elements, and can generate power in low temperature range
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
fab cross for engineer  22/8/2019
What materials are required to improve thermoelectric power generation efficiency?
Y. Takagiwa (A04)
Daily Chemical News  5/9/2019