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As the human culture has developed, it has undergone advancements from the Stone Age, through the Iron Age, to the 21st century, in which composite materials are in use. Koyanagi Laboratory mainly deals with high-specific-strength polymeric composite materials for the aerospace field and conducts mechanics-based studies and development of novel functional materials. Thermal and mechanical properties of composite materials and structures are evaluated experimentally and analytically for aircraft and spacecraft designs. We aim to improve material properties through the production of new composites.

Aug. /2020

M. Sato received Presentation Award at 62nd Conference on Structures and Strengths from The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Science.

Mar. /2020

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M. Sato received Student Award at 11th Japan Conference on Composite Materials from Japan Society for Composite Materials.

Sep. /2017


M. Sato received Presentation
Award at The 11th Japan Korea
Joint Symposiumon Composite
Materials for The Japan Society
for Composite Materials

Sep. /2016


Y. Yamazaki received Presentation
Award at Annual Conference
on Japan Society
for Experimental Mechanics


Prof. Koyanagi received Technology Award from Japanese Society of
Experimental Mechanics.


Prof. Koyanagi received Hayashi Award from Japanese Society for
Composite Materials.


Imai and Prof. Koyanagi won Student Presentation Awards in the JISSE-14 Symposium.


Hosoya and Prof. Koyanagi won the paper award in Japan Society for Composite Materials.


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Shindou and Fukuda won Kunio award and first prize in new material engineering workshop.


TUS-Trento Univ. joint seminar was held at TUS.