SUT Journal of Mathematics

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Last updated October 18, 2020

SUT Journal of Mathematics is devoted entirely to researches in pure and applied mathematics.



  1. P. Jeyanthi and N. Angel Benseera:
    LinkIconTotally vertex-magic cordial labeling
  2. P. Jeyanthi, N. Angel Benseera and M. Immaculate Mary:
    LinkIconOn totally magic cordial labeling
  3. Hiroyuki Kurakami, Kouji Tahata and Sadao Tomizawa:
    LinkIconGeneralized marginal cumulative logistic model for multi-way contingency tables
  4. Krishnendu De and U. C. De:
    LinkIcon$LP$-Sasakian manifolds with quasi-conformal curvature tensor
  5. Kiyohisa Sugasawa and Hiroshi Yabe:
    LinkIconA modified scaling BFGS method for nonconvex minimization


  1. R. Vasuki, A. Nagarajan and S. Arockiaraj:
    LinkIconEven vertex odd mean labeling of graphs
  2. Rie Enomoto, Tetsuro Sakurai and Yasunori Fujikoshi:
    LinkIconConsistency of AIC and its modification in the growth curve model under a large-$(q,n)$ framework
  3. Absos Ali Shaikh, Falleh R. Al-Solamy and Helaluddin Ahmad:
    LinkIconSome transformations on Kenmotsu manifolds
  4. Kouji Yamamoto, Yayoi Tanaka and Sadao Tomizawa:
    LinkIconSum-symmetry model and its orthogonal decomposition for square contingency tables with ordered categories
  5. Musavvir Ali and Zafar Ahsan:
    LinkIconGeometry of charged rotating black hole
  6. Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou and Jospeh Desire Bukweli Kyemba:
    LinkIcon${¥cal R}(p,q)$-calculus: differentiation and integration