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Contents: Contents of Volume 50, Number 2, 2014

  1. Nakao Hayashi and Pavel I. Naumkin:
    LinkIconOn the generalized reduced Ostrovsky equation
  2. Naoyuki Koike:
    LinkIconResearch of submanifolds in symmetric spaces by using the complexification and the infinite dimensional geometry
  3. Kouji Tahata and Sadao Tomizawa:
    LinkIconSymmetry and asymmetry models and decompositions of models for contingency tables
  4. Yasushi Narushima and Hiroshi Yabe:
    LinkIconA survey of sufficient descent conjugate gradient methods for unconstrained optimization
  5. Yukihiko Nakata, Yoichi Enatsu, Hisashi Inaba, Toshikazu Kuniya, Yoshiaki Muroya, and Yasuhiro Takeuchi:
    LinkIconStability of epidemic models with waning immunity
  6. Takahiro Nishiyama, Masashi Hyodo and Takashi Seo:
    LinkIconRecent developments of multivariate multiple comparisons among mean vectors
  7. Naoyuki Koike:
    LinkIconThe complexifications of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and anti-Kaehler geometry
  8. Kouji Tahata, Kouji Yamamoto and Sadao Tomizawa:
    LinkIconWald-type measure of departure from symmetry for square contingency tables with nominal categories
  9. Asanao Shimokawa, Yohei Kawasaki and Etsuo Miyaoka:
    LinkIconAn approach for constructing survival tree based on combination of covariates
  10. Kazuyuki Hasegawa:
    LinkIconTwistor holomorphic affine surfaces and projective invariants
  11. Iwona Mejza, Stanislaw Mejza and Shinji Kuriki:
    LinkIconTwo-factor experiment with split units constructed by a BIBRC
  12. Jun-ichi Inoguchi:
    LinkIconHarmonic maps in almost contact geometry
  13. Keiichi Kato and Shingo Ito:
    LinkIconSingularities for solutions to time dependent Schrödinger equations with sub-quadratic potential
  14. Masahito Ohta:
    LinkIconInstability of solitary waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations of derivative type
  15. Kenta Ozeki:
    LinkIconA shorter proof of Thomassen’s theorem on Tutte paths in plane graphs
  16. Jun Fujisawa and Katsuhiro Ota:
    LinkIconMaximal cycles in graphs of large girth
  17. Takahiko Furuya and Takao Hayami:
    LinkIconHochschild cohomology ring of a cluster-tilted algebra of type D4
  18. Nobumichi Shutoh:
    LinkIconTail quantile approximations for hybrid lognormal distribution
  19. Kazuyuki Koizumi, Takuma Sumikawa and Tatjana Pavlenko:
    LinkIconMeasures of multivariate skewness and kurtosis in high-dimensional framework